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Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan

The Downtown District is the only TIF district in the City. To read the Redevelopment and Urban Renewal Plan, approved in 2011, click here. The Amendment is an effort to memorialize resolutions that the County and City have taken regarding the Redevelopment Plan. The map has not changed and no additional taxes are being requested. To read the proposed Amendment to Redevelopment and Urban Renewal plan for the district click here.

The Public Hearing on February 17 is to give the public the opportunity to share concerns or comments about the Amendment. No discussion or vote will take place at this meeting. All involved must wear a mask and follow social distancing precautions. 

A map of the district can be found under the Map section of this website.

Johnson City Development Authority Moves Offices

The Johnson City Development Authority and their three staff members, Dianna Cantler, Lindsey Jones and Jim Dorton recently relocated from 300 East Main Street Suite 407 to 207 N. Boone Street Suite 23 as the JCDA separated from Northeast Tennessee Regional Economic Partnership. Their new space is located in the Taylor Office Building in Downtown Johnson City.

Monthly Meetings

The Johnson City Development Authority will have their monthly meetings on the third Friday of every month at 8 a.m.  This meeting will take place electronically, pursuant to Executive Order 16, issued by Gov. Bill Lee. There will not be a physical location in order to protect public health, safety, and welfare. There will be limited public access, however, a recording of the meeting will be available at within 2 days.

Wi-Fi Now Available in Downtown Johnson City

Gig All Out, a free Wi-Fi service for visitors to downtown Johnson City’s greenspaces and a portion of East Main Street is now complete. The public will be able access free Wi-Fi on the 200 and 300 blocks of East Main Street in the historic district, Founders Park, the Pavilion at Founders Park and King Commons. This program is funded by the Johnson City Development Authority (JCDA).

The JCDA hopes this new resource will encourage citizens to enjoy downtown dining and shopping, while also being able to benefit from free Wi-Fi. As our local colleges and university students are doing more remote courses, the JCDA believes the free Wi-Fi will also be helpful for students to enjoy the public greenspaces while studying, either alone or in study groups.

The Free Wi-Fi network will provide a fast internet connection from portable devices with a three-hour limit. The 1G capability will be helpful to those who come downtown for meetings as well. Visitors to our community will also enjoy the ability to find local restaurants and services while they linger downtown. The program also creates a third space for remote workers, between home and work.

Wi-Fi not only allows people to connect virtually but can also help connect the community.  

There are now many places in downtown for people to unwind and appreciate this new asset.

Funds for the construction of the system were provided by the Appalachian Reginal Commission, the Johnson City Development Authority and BrightRidge.